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Northwest Research-Extension Center


LICM Field Day

You can download a PDF of the field day
handout materials


Driving Directions To The Plot
(directions on printed cards has an error)

1. From Colby go 4 miles west on US24 to Road 15, then 8 miles south to Road K, then 3/4 miles west

2.  Or From Colby, go 8 miles south to Road K, then 4.75 miles west

Tour Schedule

The field day and plot tour were held on September 13th.  Plots are still signed, you are welcome to vist up until harvest.

Hybrids in the trial


Brevant: B01Z88AM, B04Z92Q, B04V12AML, B12C01Q, B12M18Q

Dekalb: DKC56-65RIB, DKC107-33RIB, DKC59-81RIB, DKC61-40RIB, DKC111-33RIB, DKC62-69RIB, DKC63-90RIB, DKC64-64RIB

Golden Harvest: G09V24-5222A, G10L16-5222A, G13N18-3111

LG: 54C76STXRIB, 58C77-5222EZ, 60C12-5222AEZ, 62C35STXRIB

Pioneer: P0075Q, P0487Q, P0404Q, P0622Q, P0995AM, P1089AMXT, P14122AML, P1548AM


Hybrid Maturity x Planting Date x Location Risk Probabilities Based on Historical Weather Data for Western and Central Kansas, Southwest Nebraska, and Eastern Colorado

These tables represent the "worst-case" scenario.  Be sure to read the note to users on page 1 of the document.


 Industrial Hemp Resources


Field Pea Trial Results and Production Information

Spring Wheat

Research Project Summaries



Wheat Plot Information

Colorado State University compiles all the wheat performance test information from Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.  I recommend this tool for evaluating wheat variety performance across multiple site-years.

CSU Ram Wheat Database

Many local extension agents in Northwest Kansas collaborate with producers to plant unreplicated demonstration plots.  These plots provide producers and extension personnel an opportunity to evaluate varieties in the field at educational wheat plot tours.


County Wheat Demonstration Plots Summary Results

More county information will be added as it becomes available.

**Note: When making a variety decision, use all resources and information available, including K-State Research and Extension sites across the state, neighboring states when applicable, see companies, and past grower experience. County demonstration plots are not a replicated and should be used along with the replicated performance test data found at: http://www.agronomy.k-state.edu/services/crop-performance-tests/index.html  or via the CSU Ram Wheat Database




Lucas Haag

Contact Information

Lucas Haag, Ph.D.
Northwest Area Agronomist / Associate Professor
PO Box 786
105 Experiment Farm Rd
Colby KS, 67701-0786
Phone: 785-462-6281
Email: lhaag@ksu.edu
Twitter: @LucasAHaag