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Northwest Research-Extension Center

2024 Speakers and Presentations
(in order of presentation titles)

Current Financial Status of NW Kansas Farms

Mark Wood     Image of Glenn Conover

Mark Wood and Glenn Conover

Farm Management Association Economist
KS Farm Management Association, Colby

Using data from northwest Kansas farms, we take a look at opportunities for profitability and where producers should be alert for possible concerns.

Drought Driven Insects and Emerging Pests

Photo of Anthony Zukoff

Anthony Zukoff

Extension Entomologist
K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center, Garden City

Drought conditions favor certain insect species and can have multi-year effects in insect pressure.  In addition, Anthony will discuss new and evolving pests that producers should be aware of.

Dryland Rotation Agronomics and Economics

Lucas Haag

Lucas Haag

Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist
K-State Northwest Research-Extension Center, Colby
K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center, Tribune

We’ll take a look at research results from the various long-term dryland trials at Tribune that give insight into what are the key drivers in productive dryland rotations.  In addition, and sensitivity to various input prices and grain prices will be evaluated.

Herbicide Resistance Update for the High Plains

Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster

Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
K-State of Agronomy, Manhattan

As challenging weed species on the plains have developed resistance to glyphosate, we have relied heavily on other chemistries increasing the selection pressure for resistance to the other modes of action.  Sarah will present the latest information on the potential resistance issues that are brewing.

High Plains Weather Outlook 2024

 Image of Jesse Lundquist

Jesse Lundquist

Lead Forecaster
National Weather Service, Goodland

Discussion of El Nino/La Nina, weather highlights from 2023, outlook for 2024, and a crash course in storm spotting.

Keeping Weeds on Their Toes

Lucas Haag

Jeanne Falk Jones

Multi-County Agronomist
Sunflower Extension District
K-State Northwest Research-Extension Center, Colby

The latest in label changes, product updates, trial data, and most importantly, using that to make a plan.

Phosphorus Management - Understanding the How, Why, and When in Crops and Soils

Image of Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz

Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz
Professor and Extension Soil Fertility Specialist
K-State Department of Agronomy, Manhattan

Megan Bourns
Ph.D. Can
K-State Department of Agronomy, Manhattan

There is a lot of discussion about phosphorus availability to the crop and how it relates to soil properties, placement, soil test values, and more.  This session will give a big picture view of how P works in our crop production systems and how understanding basic principles can help you make better in-field decisions.

Pivot Priorities - A fresh look at sprinkler setup for maximizing effective irrigation

Photo of Joel Schneekloth 

Joel Schneekloth

Regional Water Resources Specialist
Colorado State University
Central Great Plains Research Station,
Akron, Colorado

Maximizing profitability and water use efficiency in irrigated cropping systems can be limited by poor setup of irrigation systems.  This session will look at how the interaction of sprinkler setup and management can play a role in maximizing effective irrigation.

Sprayer and Planter Technology Advancements

Ajay Sharda Image

Ajay Sharda
Professor, Precision Agriculture Engineering
K-State Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Manhattan

Numerous advancements have been made in spray application and planter technology in recent years.  Dr. Sharda's research program has evaluated many of these in the field.  He will share findings of their studies and tips for maximizing these systems.

Wheat Industry Innovation: New Markets for Wheat

Photo of Evan Backhus 

Evan Backhus

Purefield Ingredients, Russell

New demand for wheat products as a food ingredient has led to the establishment of two new processing plants in north-central Kansas that will represent a large demand for wheat.  A discussion on these products and what qualities in wheat are desired to hit these target markets.

Panel Discussion: Sorghum Weed Control and Using New Herbicide Tolerant Sorghums

A panel discussion with agronomist and seed company representatives on the keys to effective weed in sorghum.  In addition, panelists will share experiences on how to maximize the benefit of new post-emergence grass weed control in sorghum.