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Northwest Research-Extension Center


Crop Pest Management School


2023 Crop Pest Management Schools

The Crop Pest Management Schools are focused for farmers making pest management decisions as well as spraying and commercial applicators. More info to come for 2023!

If you questions, please call the office at 785-462-6281 or email Jeanne at jfalkjones@k-state.edu


2022 Schedule

November 30 - Beloit at First United Methodist Church

December 1 - Grainfield at St. Agnes Catholic Church Center

The program runs from 8:00 to 5:00.

Schedule is below


Registration and Payment

Cost to attend:

$50 - if registered by November 22

$75 - if registered after November 22 and at the door

No refunds will be given


Continuing Education Credits (applied for):

1A Commercial Applicator: 7 credits and 1 core hr

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA): 8 pest management credits


Crop Pest Management Save the Date


Schedule for both days:




Weather influences on herbicide applications

Chip Redmond, K-State Assistant Climatologist


Research Update and Discussion on Utilizing Cover Crops and Preemergence Herbicides

Dr. Vipan Kumar, K-State Weed Scientist at Hays




Stalk rots, ear rots and other dry weather row crop diseases

Dr. Rodrigo Onofre, K-State Row Crop Pathologist


Herbicide resistance, mechanisms and alternative weed control technologies

Dr. Michael Walsh, University of Sydney (Australia) Weed Scientist




Getting the Most Effective Herbicide Applications in Dry Conditions

Dr. Sarah Lancaster, K-State Extension Weed Scientist


Insect Pests that We Should Be on the Lookout For in Central & Western KS

Anthony Zukoff, K-State Entomologist




Look Alikes – Is this herbicide damage or another pest problem?

Jeanne Falk Jones, K-State Multi-County Agronomist; Craig Dinkle, K-State Midway District Crop Production Agent; Sandra Wick, K-State Post Rock District Crop Production Agent


Kansas Regulation (Core Hour)

Representative from Kansas Department of Agriculture





Printer Friendly Schedule


If you have questions, please contact:

Jeanne Falk Jones, K-State Multi-County Agronomist
(785) 462-6281 or jfalkjones@k-state.edu
Sandra Wick, K-State Post Rock Extension District Agent
(785) 282-6823 or swick@ksu.edu
Kelsi Wertz, K-State Golden Prairie Extension Agent
785-673-4805 or kjwertz@ksu.edu
Emily Benningsdorf, K-State Thomas County Extension Agent
(785) 460-4582 or ebenningsdorf@ksu.edu
Stacy Campbell, K-State Cottonwood District Extension Agent
785-628-9430 or scampbel@ksu.edu
Craig Dinkel, K-State Midway District Extension Agent
(785) 483-3157 or cadinkel@ksu.edu
Aaron Hyland, K-State Rawlins County Extension Agent
(785) 626-3192 or ahyland1@ksu.edu
Cody Miller, K-State Phillips-Rooks Extension Agent
(785) 543-6845 or codym@ksu.edu
Lacey Noterman, K-State Walnut Creek Extension District Agent
785-798-3921 or lnote@ksu.edu
Keith VanSkike, K-State Twin Creeks District Agent
785-877-5755 or kvan@ksu.edu