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Northwest Research-Extension Center

Family and Consumer Sciences

"People manage their lives by the decisions they make. FCS provides the tools, guiding individuals to gain this knowledge.  Extension FCS reaches individuals of all ages, types and stages of life, without reference to economic boundaries or educational levels." 

What is Family and Consumer Sciences?

What is FCS?  It is an in-house abbreviation for Family and Consumer  Sciences.  FCS assists individuals and families as they grow and develop, providing the development of essential life skills. Topics are wide and varied - from cooking to decision making; personal hygiene to community health; consumer purchases to financial planning; infant development to aging; housing to nutrition, health and safety.  FCS helps people understand the hows and whys of daily life and to gain the skills needed to maneuver through life.

Contact Information

NW Research-Extension Center
Family and Consumer Sciences
P. O. Box 786
105 Experiment Farm Road
Colby, Kansas  67701-0786
Office:  785-462-6281
Fax: 785-462-2315