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Northwest Research-Extension Center

SNAP-Ed Program

The goal of SNAP-Ed is to increase the health and well-being of limited resource families and individuals, both adult and youth, by providing appropriate nutrition education that emphasizes skills in food resource management; obtaining safe and nutritious food; and balancing the food they eat with physical activity.


Karen Jones - Cheyenne, Sherman, Wallace, Rawlins, Thomas, Logan, Decatur, Sheridan

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Janelle VanKooten

Janelle VanKooten
SNAP-Ed Specialist
P. O. Box 786
Colby, KS  67701-0786
Phone:  785-462-6281
Email: janellev@ksu.edu

Karen Jones
SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator
P.O. Box 786
Colby, Kansas  67701-0786
Mobile:  785-332-6285
Email: kjones@ksu.edu