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Northwest Research-Extension Center


NEW - Hybrid Maturity x Planting Date x Location Probabilities Based on Historical Weather Data

These tables represent the "worst-case" scenario.  Be sure to read the note to users on page 1 of the document.

5.20.2017 3:30PM - The Goodland table has been corrected and three new locations were added: Johnson, Big Bow, and Ulysses.

5.25.2017 12:30 PM - Many border state locations have been added and can be found after the Kansas locations.  Added locations: Arapahoe, CO, Benkelman, Bonny Reservoir, Burlington, Cambridge, Cheyenne Wells, Culbertson, Harlan County Lake, McCook, Trenton Dam, Red Cloud, and Wray.



Field Pea Trial Results and Production Information

Wheat Plot Information

County Wheat Plots Results

More county information will be added as it becomes available.

2016 Performance Test Results

2014 Performance Test Results

Trials Located in Border Counties to Northwest Area


**Note: When making a variety decision, use all resources and information available, including K-State Research and Extension sites across the state, neighboring states when applicable, see companies, and past grower experience. This is not a replicated plot and should be used along with the replicated K-State performance test data found at: http://www.agronomy.k-state.edu/services/crop-performance-tests/index.html.






Contact Information


Lucas Haag, Ph.D.
Northwest Area Agronomist
PO Box 786
105 Experiment Farm Rd
Colby KS, 67701-0786
Phone: 785-462-6281
Email: lhaag@ksu.edu