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Northwest Area Office

Speakers and Presentations
(in order of presentation titles)

Charlie Griffin

Building Strong Business Dynamics in Tough Economic Times, What Does it Take to Succeed?
Charlie Griffin, Research Assistant Professor, Family Studies and Human Services
Kansas State University, Manhattan
Take a look at how family, employer/employee, and other relationships play a role in achieving success, and how to keep those relationships strong when times are tough.


Phil Stahlman Photo
Current State of Weed Resistance

Dr. Phil Stahlman, K-State Weed Scientist,
Agricultural Research Center, Hays

Herbicide resistance is a growing challenge. The progression of resistance in Kochia and Palmer Amaranth, what the future holds, and how to manage for it will be discussed.


Dorivar RuizDiaz Photo
Economics of Soil Fertility Management

Dr. Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz,
K-State Soil Fertility Specialist, Manhattan

With thinning margins, there are opportunities to manage crop nutrients in order to gain the best possible financial return to your bottom line.


John Holman

Forage Sorghum and Cover Crop Management
Dr. John Holman, Cropping Systems Agronomist
Southwest Research-Extension Center, Garden City

Take a look at how some management options can maximize your potential economic returns to growing forage sorghum or cover crops for livestock use.


Lucas Haag Photo
Learning from Long-Term Rotation and Tillage Studies

Dr. Lucas Haag, K-State Northwest Area Agronomist,
Northwest Research-Extension Center, Colby
Long-term studies in Western Kansas provide valuable data for making both long and short-run management decisions.


Alan Schlegel

Learning from Long-Term Rotation and Tillage Studies
Alan Schlegel, Agronomist-in-Charge, Soil Management
Southwest Research-Extension Center, Tribune
Long-term studies in Western Kansas provide valuable data for making both long and short-run management decisions.


Kevin Moore

Managing Bin Stored Grain
Kevin Moore, Stored Grain Research Technician
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Gain an understanding of aeriation principles and how to best manage the grain in your bin for quality, condition and safety.


Dan O'Brien

Marketing Grain and Storage Economics
Dr. Daniel O'Brien, Agricultural Economist
Northwest Research-Extension Center, Colby
Examine the driving factors in today's global commodity market, possible outcomes, and a long-term look at the economic returns from grain storage.


Mark Wood Photo
Profitability in Northwest Kansas Operations
Mark Wood, Lead Economist,
Kansas Farm Management Association, Colby

Using NW Kansas data, take a look at drivers in profitability and where producers should be looking to make management changes as margins tighten.


Peter Tomlinson

Soil BiologyPeter Tomlinson, Assistant Professor, Agronomy
Kansas State University, Manhattan
A look at who and what is living in our soil and how these organisms contribute to soil quality, nutrient cycling and other benefits.


Curtis Thompson Photo
Weed Control Strategies

Dr. Curtis Thompson, K-State Extension Weed Specialist,
Kansas State University,Manhattan
To tackle troublesome weeds, this session will be an overview of the latest field trial data for timings, rates, and products.


Producer Panel Discussion
A lively exchange of ideas among a panel of producers from the region along with the audience on relevant topics.