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Northwest Research-Extension Center

Speakers and Presentations
(in order of presentation titles)

 J Basara

A Historical Look at Climate Variability
Dr. Jeff Basara, Associate Professor, School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
With many weather datasets exceeding 100 years on the plains, we have a unique opportunity to look at historical climate variability, changes in climate variability, and how that understanding can help our farm management decisions today.


 A Barnaby

Making the Right Crop Insurance Choices
Dr. Art Barnaby, K-State Agricultural Economics,
KSU Department of Agricultural Economics, Manhattan
With increasing APHs and new options, like trend adjustment and yield exclusion, you may need to rethink your many policy choices.  We'll also talk about crop insurance and the issues that will surface in farm bill negotiations.


k harmoney

Maximizing Your Rangeland
Dr. Keith Harmoney, Research Range Scientist,
K-State Western Kansas Agricultural Research Center, Hays
Are we maximizing the value of our native range resources? We'll discuss management and economics of some stocking strategies, weedy or invasive species, and other management factors.



 J Aguilar

Moisture Probes: From Measurement to Management
Dr. Jonathan Aguilar, Extension Irrigation Engineer,
K-State Southwest Research-Extension Center, Garden City
Soil moisture probes can be a valuable tool in managing irrigation. Learn about different types of probes, their benefits and limitations, and how to incorporate them into your irrigation management.


Lucas Haag Photo
Northwest Kansas Agronomy Research Update

Dr. Lucas Haag, K-State Northwest Area Agronomist,
Northwest Research-Extension Center, Colby
Current extension agronomy research efforts in northwest Kansas involve wheat, corn, peas, and other crops. We'll take a quick look at recent results from a variety of studies and discuss future research needs.


Mark Wood Photo
Profitability Opportunities and Pitfalls
Mark Wood, Lead Economist,
Kansas Farm Management Association, Colby

Using data from northwest Kansas farms, we take a look at opportunities for profitability and where producers should be alert for possible concerns.


D Leikam

Smart Spending of Your Fertilizer Dollar
Dale Leikam, Director, Fluid Fertilizer Foundation
Former K-State Extension Soil Fertility Specialist
Where are the best places to put your fertilizer dollars to manage cost, while also maximizing return on investment. Discussion will also include how to balance short-term economics with long-term consequences.


M Schipanski

Soil Health and Producer Profitability in Dryland Cropping Systems
Meagan Schipanski, Assistant Professor, Cropping Systems
Colorado State University, Ft. Collins
A recent project collected soils and economic data from dozens of dryland farms across Eastern Colorado.  This session will summarize what was learned about farm management and its effects on profitability and soil health.


Charlie Griffin

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times
Charlie Griffin, Research Assistant Professor, Family Studies and Human Services
Kansas State University, Manhattan
Take a look at how family, employer/employee, and other relationships play a role in achieving success, and how to keep those relationships strong when times are tough.


 Curtis Thompson Photo
Weed Control Strategies

Dr. Curtis Thompson, K-State Extension Weed Specialist,
Kansas State University,Manhattan
To tackle troublesome weeds, this session will be an overview of the latest field trial data for timings, rates, and products.


Producer Panel Discussion - Sticking With No-Till and Making It Work
A lively exchange of ideas among a panel of producers from the region along with the audience on relevant topics.