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Northwest Research-Extension Center

Irrigated Industrial Hemp at Colby

Industrial Hemp Resources

Answers to Common Questions:

-No Kansas data exists from the modern agronomic era to guide industrial hemp production decisions.  Interested parties are encouraged to consult resources from the industrial hemp research programs at other land-grant research universities such as those at the University of Kentucky, Purdue, and Cornell.

-Producers should understand that industrial hemp produced for fiber, seed, or CBD require very different production systems. Many agronomic and management decisions (including variety selection, planting date, and planting/harvest methods) are unique to the desired end product.

-Hemp is a highly photoperiod sensitive crop, this will strongly affect optimum planting dates and plant growth and development in Kansas relative to locations at other latitudes.

-Kansas State University is not a provider of certified hemp seed. A list of varieties approved by the Kansas Dept. of Ag can be found on their website. Producers should work directly with certified seed producers in other states to secure seed supplies.

-Kansas State University is not currently involved in matching producers with industrial hemp markets.  Producers should perform their own due diligence in securing market access for their hemp fiber, seed, or CBD production.

-Kansas State University is not directly involved in the KDA license application process for producers or other potential licensees. For producers completing the on-farm research plan as part of the KDA application process you are encouraged to consult the guide "How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch" published by SARE. Our specialist and local agents can help you develop an on-farm research plan if you have further questions.

2020 K-State Industrial Hemp Research Reports

Available Soon


2019 K-State Industrial Hemp Research Reports

2019 Kansas State University Industrial Hemp Dual-Purpose and Fiber Trial

2019 Kansas State University Industrial Hemp CBD Variety Trial

Department of Agronomy, Manhattan - Plots were lost due to excessive rainfall

Olathe Horticulture Research-Extension Center - reports not yet available

Resources from K-State Research & Extension, John C. Pair Horticultural Center

Industrial Hemp in Kansas - Part 1 - So you want to grow hemp

Industrial Hemp in Kansas - Part 2 - What about seed?

Industrial Hemp in Kansas - Part 3 - Feminized Seed

Industrial Hemp Laboratory Testing is now available at the K-State Olathe Campus

Resources from the Kansas Dept. of Ag (KDA)

KDA Industrial Hemp- Check this page first for the latest updates!

Informational Presentations Delivered in Kansas

May 11, 2018-Presentation on Kentucky's Industrial Hemp Program



May 11, 2018 Presentation on Colorado's Industrial Hemp Program



October 17, 2018, Industrial Hemp Research in Kansas

Part 1: Understanding the Basics of Conducting Industrial Hemp Research in Kansas
Ernie Minton, Interim Dean and Interim Director, and Jeff Vogel, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Part 2: The Role of K-State, Hemp Production in Kentucky, Industrial Hemp Pest Management Issues in Colorado
Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Agronomist; David William, University of Kentucky; Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University

Part 3: Understanding the Market and Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp
Jeff Vogel, Kansas Department of Agriculture

February 24, 2017, Economic Considerations with Growing Alternative Crops
Post Rock Extension District Alternative Crops Meeting

Video of the presentation by Dr. Matt Stockton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, West Central Research-Extension Center, North Platte, NE
Not specific to industrial hemp production, but a good discussion of general economic considerations of alternative crops

Agronomy Resources from Other States

An Introduction to Industrial Hemp and Hemp Agronomy - University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

"New Friends and Old Foes: Hemp Disease Sightings in Kentucky" - Webinar presented to the Great Plains Diagnostic Network by Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier, University of Kentucky

Insect Management in Hemp - Colorado State University

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